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Progress Synopsis

In the span of 10 years, since the company's inception, every year it has progressed in leaps and bounds. This progress has been recognized and appreciated by the Telecom industry through numerous awards. Bharat Technology has been the recipient of the most prestigious awards in the country and even the world, namely World's Best Institution, ISO International Standard Organization 2010 Rank 2 and over 50 awards from the Ministry of Telecommunication (Government of India). This in fact is a worldwide record in the telecom sector. In 2009, World Asia ranked Bharat Technology in its prestigious 'Top 100 – Under 9 Million Dollar Companies' list. The Indian Institute of Planning and Management decorated Bharat Technology with the Best Corporate Ethics Award in the year 2007. Bharat Technology was recognized as the highest tax paying company in the financial year 2010, North India and was given an award for the same by the then Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Mr. Ravi Kumar Prasad.

There are other prestigious awards as well which Bharat Technology has conquered, such as the Best Mobile Tower Installation Performance Awards, Green Tech Environment Excellence Awards, etc. More information about our awards and accolades can be viewed on the 'Awards' page of our website.

Customer Service

Bharat Technology's call centre is ISO 9001-2000 certified and is located in Noida. It employs about 200 customer service executives who are keen to serve every client they come across. The company's customer service executives, surveyors, engineers and staff are well trained in resolving customer queries, requests and complaints in a timely and adept fashion. The company believes that it can maintain a high standard only when all the staff is adequately trained in their area of expertise. The entire staff undergoes periodic trainings and is always up to speed with the latest technology.

Growth and Expansion Plans

The relationship of the investors with the Bharat Technology is the stronghold of the company and the output of Bharat Technology has been 50 Crores in the 2nd quarter. Owing to these achievements, Bharat Technology has become the second largest company in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Within the second quarter alone, Bharat Technology has installed more than 3,00,000 three lakh mobile towers in multiple cities across the country. Big guns in the telecom industry like Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, and Vodafone etc. have entrusted Bharat Technology with installing their mobile towers throughout India.
According to Notification 2013-2014 no. 0173, issued by the Government of India, it is envisioned that every second Indian citizen will be a mobile phone consumer and the Indian telecom sector will be the largest market in the world, even surpassing China. In order to meet this demand, the Telecom Ministry has stated that it requires telecom companies to have world class infrastructure, subsidized call rates and countrywide network coverage. In view of this, the government has opened up an avenue for 100% FDI investment in the telecom sector. Companies from all over the world are currently investing in the telecom sector while also planning for increased future investment. There are only 16 companies in the nation who are looking to successfully develop their infrastructure through foreign investment.
The current state of consumer affairs dictates that mobile phones and internet are more than just accessories, they are necessities. The demand for mobile phones and internet is so huge that it increases by a margin of 22.5% every year. Experts in the telecom sector say that the demand within the telecom market is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.
Looking at this ever increasing demand, many telecom companies in this sector are moving towards providing mobile tower installation services as well. Our mission is to install more than 1,50,000 towers by the end of March 2014 so that our customers can take absolute advantage of a congestion free network and supreme internet speed.
Our longstanding experience in this sector has taught us to respect all projects that come our way and treat each one of them with the care they deserve. We take up projects on any and every kind of property whether located in a town or village, including those properties that have been rejected by other telecom companies.
Whatever the services you are looking to avail, whether it is a mobile tower installation or a simple site survey, we are here to serve you. We strive to maintain high standards in our demeanor as well as in technical know-how by continually training our employees to be at the forefront of the industry.
In the course of 26 years, Bharat Technology has faced many challenges which have been overcome by availing and successfully utilizing the best technology known to man. For this very reason, Bharat Technology has successfully taken a huge step in becoming the biggest telecom company in India.


Bharat Technology has put unused plots into use successfully, which has created an opportunity for people to earn thousands of rupees every month. The company has also made a sizeable amount of rent available to its clients. If you have any unused plot or property, then this could be a golden opportunity for you to put it to good use.

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