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We serves as the manufacturers and suppliers of Telecom products, which includes Guy Wires supported Towers & Masts, Earthing Strips, Earthing Plates, Earthing Electrodes, Panel Feed Wires.

These products are developed using installation of mobile tower advanced manufacturing techniques, which ensure the quality, durability and credibility of our range. Further, we also offer our products in various customized speculations as per the requirements of our clients and industrial application of the products.




  • Antenna Mounts
  • Cable Trays
  • Steel Fabricated Outdoor Shelter, with roof - and walls of PVC hollow extrusions
  • Iron Cage Grill Structures for outdoor BTS
  • Watch Towers
  • Tower Accessories
  • Earthing Strips, Earthing Plates, Earthing Electrodes
  • Sub - Station Structures
  • Antenna Cable
  • Wireless Antenna
  • Omnidirectional Antenna
  • Audio Video Products
  • Yagi Antenna
  • Panel Antenna
  • Communication Equipment
  • Audio-Conferencing System
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • 400/310/370 Battery bank
  • Digital receiver/ Drop wire/ Power Divider
  • Fire Detection System
  • Prefab Shelter
  • Triplex Wire
  • Main Feeder Wires
  • Panel Feed Wires
  • Non-Metallic Sheathed Wire (NM)
  • Single Strand Wire
  • House wiring
  • Electrical wiring
  • Wiring in conduit
  • bx cable
  • romex wire

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